Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Egyptian state security accused of torturing Christian youths. 23 Feb 2010

AINA reports: "Egyptian State Security has been accused by lawyers, rights activists and victims' families of torturing the Christian youths arrested in the aftermath of the Christmas Eve shootings of Copts on January 6, 2010. The shooting in the southern town of Nag Hammadi resulted in the death of six and the injury of nine Christians."


There is concern that Egyptian authorities might be trying to extract false 'confessions' from Coptic youths which will be used to corrupt the case against the Muslim killers. This is exactly what happen in the el Kosheh case (1998-99) as police sought to frame Copts for the murder of two Coptic youths, even though their Muslim killers had been identified. In that case, the impunity led to a subsequent massacre of Copts in el Kosheh between 30 Dec 1999 - 2 Jan 2000.

Ever since 2007 the Egyptian government has been appeasing Islamic fundamentalists and keeping cases of persecution out of the courts in line with the Sharia provision that prohibit Christians from testifying against Muslims. Christian victims of persecution are being forced into 'reconciliation' sessions, where charges of arson, assault, murder etc are dropped in exchange for peace (and the release of innocent Copts being held in detention as barganing chips). This impunity has led to a dramatic escalation in persecution.

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