Tuesday, June 17, 2003

PRAYER: LRA's Kony orders, "Kill all clergy"

Religious Liberty Prayer List - No. 224 - Tue 17 Jun 2003

*** includes some 18mths of prayer updates (below)


The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) continues its horrific reign of terror in northern Uganda, despite courageous peace-brokering efforts by church leaders, and the Ugandan Army's military offensive. The leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony, is a spirit medium and is driven by an evil spiritual power that is clearly greater than the Ugandan army or any human influence. For 16 years, the church and the predominantly Christian population of northern Uganda have suffered cruel, barbaric atrocities at the hands of this blasphemous, terrorist cult-militia.

RLP 219 reported that 50 LRA militiamen broke into a Catholic Seminary on 11 May, killing one and abducting 44 young seminarians, though three later escaped. Another four are confirmed hacked to death by the LRA when they could no longer walk after being tortured. The remaining 37 seminarians are still missing.

Even the nearly one million Ugandans who have been forced into refugee camps by the LRA rebellion are not safe from the endless terror. On 5 June the LRA clubbed 13 civilians to death in Pabbo Camp north of Gulu. In the early hours of Sunday 15 June, they attacked villages in Lira and Arpac districts, committing their signature atrocities - butchering faces and cutting off hands. At least eight people aged 6 to 61 died from machete wounds. Hundreds of homes were torched, and nearly 100 children were abducted for use as child-soldiers and sex-slaves.

Uganda's church leaders have defied Joseph Kony's threats and courageously keep trying to broker peace. Father Carlos Rodriguez of Gulu says several commanders deserted the LRA during recent peace meetings with church officials. Kony has responded by declaring war on all clergy and missions. Rodriguez says the LRA has since 'burned, bombed and desecrated churches on nine occasions'. Kony stole radio equipment from several Catholic missions and has been using it to communicate with his soldiers. It is set to a specific mission frequency, so other Catholic missions have been picking up Kony's transmissions.

On Saturday 14 June, Kony was heard to order his LRA soldiers: 'Catholic missions must be destroyed, priests and missionaries killed in cold blood and nuns beaten black and blue.' The Ugandan Army picked up the transmission and has authenticated it. An escaped LRA prisoner/child-soldier also corroborated the order.

Many Christians are therefore in front-line danger, such as the clergy trying to broker peace, Christian workers seeking to shelter children (like the Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda - RLP 219), those trying to bring deep healing and deliverance to traumatised former LRA prisoners/child-soldiers/sex-slaves, and the Christian doctors and carers helping victims of facial mutilation.

(Recent LRA defectors report that Government of Sudan uniformed troops are supplying the LRA with truckloads of advanced weaponry and ammunition.)


* God to bind all the demonic spirits allied with Joseph Kony and the LRA, to keep drawing defectors from all ranks of the LRA, and effect the escape and rescue of hundreds of abducted children.

* divine protection and blessing for all clergy, nuns, and Christian workers, especially those in front-line danger.

* northern Uganda's pastors and teachers, that they will not lose faith or hope, but will be able to shepherd God's children through these horrific times.

* divine intervention to come from God's own mighty forces, with the Lord bursting through the LRA and ending its rebellion forever.

'The Lord has done it!' David exclaimed. 'He burst through my enemies like a raging flood!' So David named that place Baal-perazim (which means 'the Lord who bursts through'.) 2 Samuel 5:20



extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 225 - Wed 25 Jun 2003

NORTHERN UGANDA: where the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), the blasphemous, terrorist cult-militia led by spirit medium Joseph Kony, has been wreaking havoc on the predominantly Christian population. The LRA has now declared it will target the Church specifically in revenge for its peace-making efforts.

UPDATE: RLP 224, on northern Uganda and the LRA, was released on Tuesday night, 17 June 03. That Tuesday, the LRA raided two camps for displaced people and murdered a Catholic priest. On the Wednesday they raided an orphanage and kidnapped many young girls. Later they attacked four nuns in Gulu. There was little significant LRA activity reported in the week that followed, but on 24 June, the Catholic church-run Lwala Girls Secondary School in Soroti was raided by the LRA and about 100 girls abducted. We must remain vigilant in praying that the demonic forces associated with Joseph Kony and the LRA will be bound, and for the release of kidnapped children. May God bless the Acholi Christian leaders' peace initiative and cause more LRA defections. Since RLP 219 in May 03, several LRA commanders have defected during church-run peace talks, which is why Kony issued orders to target the Church. Since we prayed last week, Kony's deputy has requested peace talks, and senior LRA commander Vincent Otti has sought a cease-fire. Pray that God will bring the LRA reign of terror to a just end.

extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 234 - Wed 27 Aug 2003


God is answering our prayers about the blasphemous, terrorist cult-militia, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). They have not been able to carry out their threat to 'kill all clergy', an order given on 14 June 2003. LRA soldiers are defecting - 106 in July - or are dying in battle with the Ugandan army, including commanders and a senior witchdoctor. Large numbers of kidnapped children are being rescued - 640 in July. However, children are still dying and being kidnapped, the LRA still wreaks havoc and creates terror, and Joseph Kony (a greatly feared spirit-medium) still controls them.

In mid July, when the LRA forced abducted 9 to 15-y-o child soldiers into a river to test its depth, 45 of them drowned. An LRA massacre in Soroti district recently claimed some 60 lives. On 17 August, LRA soldiers slashed to death 13 former abducted child soldiers who had been rescued and were living freely in Lira district. Though the army arrived and prevented further deaths, some 40 children were abducted. President Museveni responded by challenging the LRA to come for him instead of the children. On 24-25 August 03, the LRA attacked Teso region, slaughtering 50 people in Akeriau village alone. In late July, an army raid found a map marked with most of the Catholic locations in the Katakwi district marked on it, indicating that Kony still intends to target the church. Kony is presently setting up more bases in Southern Sudan.

God said to the people of Jerusalem in Isaiah 22:11 (NLT), 'All your feverish plans are to no avail because you never ask God for help.' Pray for the Ugandan government, particularly President Museveni, to publicly turn to God for help.


extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 238 - Wed 24 Sep 2003

UGANDA: and the troubles in the north due to Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) terror. In the August Update, we requested prayer 'for the Ugandan government, particularly President Museveni, to publicly turn to God for help', quoting Isaiah 22:11.

UPDATE: On 10 September 03, President Museveni and other MPs joined the Soroti Pastors and Elders Forum and people of the north in a day of prayer and fasting in Soroti town. And God is answering prayer. On 8 Sep, the UPDF (Ugandan Army) found three underground LRA armouries. On 16 Sept 03 in Gulu, the UPDF dug up more ammunition stocks, including 84 bombs. Over 250 children were rescued during September, many being seriously ill. Also, Sudan has permitted the Ugandan Army once again to pursue the LRA inside Sudan. As well, 'New Vision' newspaper (Uganda) reported on 17 Sep that over 100 LRA rebels, including six senior commanders, had surrendered in the past month. Please continue to pray for God to bring peace, restoration, reparation and reconciliation to Northern Uganda. Pray for the Church as it leads the way, and that Joseph Kony's occult-inspired terror will end forever.


extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 244 - Wed 29 Oct 2003


The intense spiritual battle continues between the blasphemous terrorist cult militia, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA, led by spirit medium Joseph Kony) and the people of God (local church and intercessors worldwide). Time is certainly running out for the LRA. God is answering prayer, with kidnapped children being rescued and rebels defecting. However on 20 October 03, desperate LRA rebels were hunting for 'juju', occult charms they believe bring spiritual power. Near Soroti town, they ambushed and killed a man, Michael, with his sons, Moses and Samuel, and collected their organs, to be dried and worn as juju. Please pray for God to bring the LRA to an end. Pray especially for the Church in Northern Uganda as it leads the way in prayer, peace negotiations, refugee care, and rehabilitation.


extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 256 - Wed 28 Jan 2004

UGANDA: On 31 December, Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader and spirit medium, Joseph Kony, killed 21 of his wives and children as they tried to escape his LRA camp in Sudan because they were starving. Many rebels, who are mostly kidnapped children and have known no other life, have deserted the LRA ranks in response to a government amnesty. The UPDF (Ugandan army) recently killed the LRA's chief army commander, Yadin Tolbert Nyeko, who ranked below only Vincent Otti and Joseph Kony. WHile the army claims to have virtually defeated the LRA, Acholi Archbishop John Baptist Odama says, 'The LRA presence in the north is still strong. They are still killing people in Lira, so I don't know what the UPDF thinks it is doing claiming they have nearly defeated them.' (22 January 04)


extraced from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 260 - Wed 25 Feb 2004


On Saturday 21 February the blasphemous terrorist militia, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) attacked a camp for displaced people in Lira, Northern Uganda. These people are mostly Christians being primarily cared for by the Church. The LRA attacked with heavy weapons (source unknown), torched some 500 huts and then swept through the camp killing civilians. The death toll is presently 213. There are multitudes of burn victims. The LRA commit these
atrocities in the name of our LORD. LRA leader Joseph Kony, a spirit medium, claims to be directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Every spiritual breakthrough in Northern Uganda seems to be met with an increased level of demonic, occult-inspired terror. Whenever the army boasts of killing rebels, we need to remember these rebels are mostly abducted children who never wanted to be there and will now never return home. One Catholic priest described the children as 'acting under the effect of a collective hypnosis ... acts beyond any human imagination'. It is Joseph Kony himself who must be stopped, if not by the military, which for some strange reason has been unsuccessful over 18 years, then by God's intervention. Please pray for God to deliver the Ugandan people from this evil.

Isaiah 59:14-20 excerpts: 'The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. So his own arm worked salvation for him. According to what they have done so he will repay. For he [the Lord] will come like a pent-up flood.'


extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 265 - Tue 30 Mar 2004


In early March, Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) militants killed several Southern Sudanese and stole some 3,000 head of cattle in Torit district. As in Northern Uganda, the predominantly Christian population in Southern Sudan has suffered terribly at the hands of this blasphemous terror militia over many years. A ceasefire with the Government of Sudan (GoS) has freed up the Southern People's Liberation Army (SPLA) to join the fight against the LRA. Now the SPLA and the Ugandan military (UPDF) are united in their determination to rid the region of the curse of the LRA for all time. The Islamic GoS, which formerly funded, trained and armed the LRA to terrorise South Sudan and North Uganda, has also turned against them. The GoS recently agreed to arrest Joseph Kony, the spirit-medium leader of the LRA, and hand him over if they find him in GoS territory. Please continue to pray that South Sudan and North Uganda will soon be delivered of this demonic terror. May they see the arm of God bring victory and peace.

'The Lord is far from the wicked but he hears the prayer of the righteous.' (Proverbs 15:29)
'Let the wicked fall into their own nets...' (Psalm 141:10a)
'...blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.' (Psalm 144:15b)


extracted from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 269 - Thu 29 Apr 2004


Small bands of desperate Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) soldiers have been raiding towns and refugee camps in the far north of Uganda frantically seeking food and medicines. This has forced some 20,000 Northern Ugandan and Southern Sudanese refugees to flee their homes and crops in terror, creating a humanitarian emergency. A 19 April 04 newspaper column by Joachim Buwembo, editor of the Sunday Vision of Kampala, reports the churches of southern Uganda have suddenly been 'awakened' to the suffering in the north. He says this is an 'evolution of attitude' for the people of the south after a decade of relative indifference. Buwembo reports that the LRA and their leader, spirit medium Joseph Kony, and the suffering of the northerners are now the talk of southern Uganda and the focus of church prayers. He reports that suddenly 'impatience with [Kony] is giving way to desperation and finally reflection. Southerners have now taken the matter to Jesus. They want divine intervention.' Praise God for this 'awakening' and pray for God to answer 'the prayers of many' and bring this terror to an end.


extraced from Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - No. 295 - Tue 26 Oct 2004


The blasphemous terror militia, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by spirit medium Joseph Kony, has terrorised, brutalised and traumatised the mainly Christian people of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda for 18 years. Some 20,000 children have been abducted and more than 1.6 million people have been displaced. In May 2003 the WEA RL Prayer ministry embraced it as a religious persecution issue because the victims are predominantly Christian and the LRA is clearly occult. Christians worldwide took up the prayer challenge and an incredible spiritual conflict ensued. By May 2004 the battle was almost over. The north has been relatively peaceful for several months now and there is talk of redevelopment starting. Multitudes of children have been rescued and LRA commanders have defected in droves, leaving only a small yet troublesome LRA remnant. The Ugandan Army captured Kony's chief bodyguard in mid September, and his most senior field commander, Lt-Col Otim Latin Munu, on 13 October. LRA leader, Joseph Kony, and LRA deputy chief, Vincent Otti, remain at large. Please continue to ask God to bind the demonic forces driving Joseph Kony and the LRA, and bring the LRA terror to an end.