Saturday, August 8, 2020

Apologies - correction (Ivory Coast)

Yesterday, Religious Liberty Monitoring blog posted a report entitled - "Ivory Coast: church attacked; refugees suffering; lawyers refused; Mbeki speaks".

The report is from 2011. . . it is not new. . .and it was re-sent in error. My apologies.

That said . . .

President Laurent Gbagbo (ousted in April 2011) was acquitted at the International Criminal Court in January 2019. An appeal against that acquittal is currently underway.

With elections looming, tensions are rising.

Consequently, I have been re-reading my past reports on Ivory Coast in preparation for fresh a report in the not-to-distant future.

While I have absolutely no idea how the report from 2011 came to be re-sent yesterday (it is a mystery of technology beyond my understanding), it might just prove providential. For in light of current developments, it is good that we remind ourselves what Ivory Coast has suffered and why it is important that we pray over and monitor the elections slated for 31 October 2020.

Background on the events of 2011 can be read here:
Religious Liberty Monitoring April 2011

My most recent posting on Ivory Coast was:
"Ivory Coast: Troubles far from over" (2 March 2017)

Elizabeth Kendal
9 August 2020